10 Photoshop Tips & Tricks

I have been using Photoshop since the early 1990’s, when they finally released Photoshop for Windows PC’s, as it was only available for Macintosh prior to then. Through the course of time, I have learned some neat, quick, and necessary shortcuts, tools, tips and tricks in using Photoshop. I am going to address 10 of … Continue reading “10 Photoshop Tips & Tricks”

LE Google Crime Map Pins Icons Free

LE Google Crime Map Pins Free is a collection of Map Pins for use in Google Map Maker, Google Earth, or any other map making software. These map pins are for use in Law Enforcement maps. Uses for these map pins can include: People interested in this are: What’s in the LE Google Map Pins … Continue reading “LE Google Crime Map Pins Icons Free”

Twitter Header Image Photoshop Template 2016

This post is a follow up to my previous article Facebook Cover Image Photoshop Template, where I will now provide details on building the perfect Twitter Header Image. Knowing the dimensions for Social Media websites is important so your cover image or header image looks great on call devices, and now a majority (over 50 … Continue reading “Twitter Header Image Photoshop Template 2016”

Facebook Photoshop Template Cover Image 2016

So maybe you have been to someones Facebook page and notice the photo they have used looks odd, and contains cut off elements. Maybe you have attempted to make a Facebook Cover Photo of say your family, or other elements which get cut off when the users social media page is loaded. Facebook, Twitter, and many … Continue reading “Facebook Photoshop Template Cover Image 2016”