Facebook Photoshop Template Cover Image 2016

So maybe you have been to someones Facebook page and notice the photo they have used looks odd, and contains cut off elements. Maybe you have attempted to make a Facebook Cover Photo of say your family, or other elements which get cut off when the users social media page is loaded. Facebook, Twitter, and many … Continue reading “Facebook Photoshop Template Cover Image 2016”

How to download videos from Facebook – Chrome Extension

So you are investigating a criminal act which has been posted on a user’s Facebook page / feed. Of course ultimately we would want to obtain a Court Order / Search Warrant to obtain the official business record and original copy of the video provided by Facebook, for use in trial. But what happens when … Continue reading “How to download videos from Facebook – Chrome Extension”

How to obtain a user’s Facebook ID for legal process

Facebook profile names change, monikers change, and other various notable Facebook markings which identify users change. Once thing that does not change with each Facebook account is they all have a unique Facebook ID. Even “Facebook Groups” and “Facebook Pages” have unique numeric ID numbers. This is very helpful and even required when submitting Subpoena … Continue reading “How to obtain a user’s Facebook ID for legal process”

Facebook Live Map Viewer

So I recently found a pretty neat feature on Facebook, who is now live feeding its users videos, have put these live streams on a map for easy viewing. This Live Map still has user permissions set so that is, the user Live Streaming has to set it Public, or be a friend of the … Continue reading “Facebook Live Map Viewer”