Windows Media Player Global Hot Keys Plugin

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So I just discovered this jewel out. So I currently work in Criminal Investigations and frequently transcribe / review video / audio where I am interrogating suspects, or interviewing victims and witnesses. I am very specific when typing my police reports using the recorded audio / video recordings as a guide when I type my reports. So one of the biggest problems I have when I type my reports and attempt to summarize these types of interviews is I am always either clicking on Windows Media Player to pause the video / audio as I “catch up” to what I had just heard in the interview, or “Alt Tab” over to Windows Media Player to Pause the same, to catch up. This is just an awful repetitious task while typing police reports.

So I know in some of the major cases I have worked that paid transcription services use foot pedals to slow and/or pause the audio / video, to transcribe what is being said during the interview of suspects and witness in cases. This allows the writer independent control of the interview with their feet, and the typing or transcribing of the interview is focused on the keyboard. So I was like, there has got to be a way to control the Windows Media Player outside of my report writing software, or simply Microsoft Word.

That is where the Windows Media Player Global Hot Key Plugin comes into play. So while you are typing your police report and while reviewing audio or video of an interview, all you have to do is hit the assigned “Hot Key” to either Pause or Play the video or audio recording. So the first thing you will want to do is download the plugin below.

Windows Media Player Global Hotkey Plugin

Once you have downloaded the plugin, simply execute it and install it on your Windows system. The install will be quick and will not give you a message box telling you it was successful. Once installed, open your Windows Media Player program and go to “Organize”, then “Options”.

Windows Media Player Options

Once you are in the options menu, click on “Plug-ins”, then on “Background” in the Category view, and select “Wmpkeys Plugin”. At this point you can click on “OK” and select the default values of “Ctrl + Alt + Home” hotkey to pause and play audio or videos files in Windows Media player.

If you do not like the default value which I do not, Click on “Properties” and manually select what hotkeys you want to use for play / pause of your audio or video files. I personally like “Ctrl + \” so that means when I am typing my report in my Report Writing System, or in Microsoft Word, all I have to do to pause or playback audio or video in Windows Media Player is hit “Ctrl + \”, and now never have to worry about “Alt + Tab” or clicking on Windows Media Player to pause or start playback of recorded interviews while writing my police reports..

Windows Media Player Hotkey Options Assign

Example: If I pause the interview, then I type what I need to type, and then hit the same hotkeys to start the audio or video from what ever software I am currently in. I now never have to “Alt + Tab” to the Windows Media Player to control playback, or manually click on the mouse button to do the same. All I have to do even in the middle of typing my police report is hit the “Hotkey” that I assigned to pause / playback of the audio or video interview, and then hit the same “Hotkey” again to resume playback of the interview.


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