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LE Google Map Pins Contact Sheet

LE Google Crime Map Pins Free is a collection of Map Pins for use in Google Map Maker, Google Earth, or any other map making software. These map pins are for use in Law Enforcement maps. Uses for these map pins can include:

  • Notating, marking, or labeling crimes or incident within your jurisdiction
  • Notating, marking, or labeling crime patterns or forcating within your jurisdiction
  • Notating, marking, or labeling ops plans for large events, gatherings, DUI checkpoints, Etc……
  • Notating, marking, or labeling top traffic crash locations, or fatalities with in your jurisdiction
  • Much more!

People interested in this are:

  • Crime Analysts
  • LE Detectives
  • Police Officers
  • Law Enforcement Administrators
  • Much more!

What’s in the LE Google Map Pins Icon Pack?

  • Alert Map Pins
  • Right, Left, Down, & Up Arrows Map Pins
  • Arson Map Pins
  • Burglary Map Pins
  • Chipboard Map Pins
  • Crash / Accident Map Pins
  • Police Cruiser Map Pins
  • Handcuff Map Pins
  • Document Map Pins
  • Dollar Sign Map Pins
  • Drugs / Pills Map Pins
  • Drugs / Syringe Map Pins
  • Fist / Fight Map Pins
  • Firearm / Gun Map Pins
  • Homicide / Toe Tag Map Pins
  • Juvenile Map Pins
  • Lock Map Pins
  • Missing Person Map Pins
  • Noise Map Pins
  • Known Offender Map Pins
  • Graffiti / Paint Can Map Pins
  • Pedestrian Map Pins
  • Police Officer Map Pins
  • Pow / Bang Map Pins
  • Recycle Map Pins
  • Robbery / Robber Map Pins
  • Security / Camera Map Pins
  • Stop Sign Map Pins
  • Traffic Signal Map Pins
  • Vehicle / Car Map Pins

All map pins are PNG Transparent image files, with a resolution of 60 pixels by 60 pixels. Included are color variations of the main color groups, including both black & white icons on each.


Click on the image below to view a higher quality contact sheet of all included map pins.

Le Google Map Pins All

This is a working example using the pins on Google Maps.

*Note: The above displayed map and related crime labels is using example data and locations, and is completely fictitious.

Below is a KMZ file using the map pins to view in Google Earth. Google Earth is required to be installed on your machine to view KML / KMZ files.

Download LE Google Maps Pins Free Package

Upgrade To Pro

The image assets provided in the package should be plenty for the regular user but maybe you are not a regular user and want more customization options, increase image resolution, or a different color scheme? Maybe you like shadows on your map pins, or want numbers and letters? You can purchase the original Photoshop file with these customizations included.

Google Map Pins Pro (Crime)

Copyright Notice

We enjoy providing free tips, free graphical assets, and free software and do so under the GNU Free Software Foundation. With that being said, when you download the Google Crime Map Pins Free Icons packs, you are agreeing to our GNU General Public License which means in short:


  • Commercial use is allowed
  • Distribution is allowed
  • Modification is allowed
  • Patent use is allowed
  • Private use is allowed


  • You must disclose the source of the files publicly
  • You must provide our license and copyright notice
  • You must state any changes made to the files obtained


You must not hold LEOTIPS.com liable.

Be sure to read our GNU General Public License before downloading any software, graphics, or programs from this website.


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