Twitter Header Image Photoshop Template 2016

twitter header image template final vader feature

Twitter cover imageThis post is a follow up to my previous article Facebook Cover Image Photoshop Template, where I will now provide details on building the perfect Twitter Header Image. Knowing the dimensions for Social Media websites is important so your cover image or header image looks great on call devices, and now a majority (over 50 percent) of internet users are using mobile devices to view your content. Twitter along with many social outlets know this, and suggests cover / header images to be certain specifications.

Why is this important to Law Enforcement? It’s simple. View any Law Enforcement agency Twitter or Facebook account and you will notice important elements, faces, or LE assets in the image are being blocked profile images, or simply off the screen on the side or up top. Even more, the header image is the first element seen by users and a good header image will contain text to include other social media url’s. You will usually see smaller agencies with poor header images since they do not have the resources of a webmaster or social media manager.

Below, I have provided the dimensions for Twitter Header Image and included my original Photoshop file for free download. Don’t have Photoshop? No worries since there is a good replacement called GIMP, which can edit and save Photoshop files.

Twitter Header Image Photoshop Template

The dimensions for Twitter is very straight forward. As of 09/30/2016 the Twitter Header Image dimensions are 1500 Pixels in Width and 500 Pixels in Height. The nice thing about Twitter header images is that they are viewable on call devices, with about 55 pixels of space that buffers the top and bottom when your Twitter profile is viewed on mobile device versus desktop devices.

The only difficulty with Twitter Header Images is that when viewed on different devices (mobile / tablet / desktop), your profile photo or avatar will move or shift depending on what type of device you are viewing the Twitter profile on. See below.

twitter header image dimensions

So with this Twitter Header Image Template, you can view what your header image will look like on all devices, in relation to you profile photo and top / bottom buffer areas.

twitter header image template final vader

Contained in the Photoshop file below, I have created layers, masks, and guides to help you in creating the perfect Twitter HeaderĀ Image.

photoshop twitter image layer canvass

Twitter Header Image Template Download


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