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Photoshop Meme Font Imact

So this is a little of an odd blog post. It is very easy to take a photo and plug it into many meme generators to create memes for you but what if you are a Photoshop connoisseur? What the hell is the font they use for these memes so you can do these on your Photoshop images yourself? I just had the pleasure recently of making fun of a co-worker, something about a fanning dollars at an adult establishment, but wanted to add a funny meme, but did not want to upload this image to a meme generator and make it public. In addition, the font used for memes is pretty cool and very readable on all background types.

One of the big problems with a meme generator is once you upload your photo to the server for the meme, you now have shared that persons photo with the world, with what ever meme you have written on the image. So as with most Photoshoppers, we prefer to do the meme on our own.

The nice thing is that there is a website I use to analyze and identify fonts in images. The site is:

Once I uploaded one of the memes I found on social media sites / Google, it quickly identified the Font used for Memes is “Impact”. Once of the nice things is that the Impact Font is a standard Web font, and windows font available for use in Photoshop. Furthermore, all you have to do in Photoshop is add the “Stroke” effect to put a black border on the text meme.

  1. So we will use the ever loving donuts for a comical meme.
  2. Next will will select the Text Type Tool and set the color of the text to White, and then set the Font to “Impact”.
    Photoshop Text Type Ttool
  3. Now I just click on the top of the image and type the text “MMMM……” The beginning of the meme which will say “MMMM….. Donuts”. You will notice that all memes are white and since the text is white on a white background, it is a little hard to see, with a little showing over the donut. We will take care of this in the next step.
    Donuts with Text`
  4. Now we will click on the Layer FX button, then “Stroke” to add a black border to the text, so we can see it on all backgrounds. I set the Stroke size to 3px for this picture but you will set it to what is appropriate for the resolution of the photo you are working on. Then make sure the Color of the Stroke setting is Black, and then hit OK.Photoshop Layer FX ToolPhotoshop Stroke Settings
  5. You should now have the meme below.
    Donuts 3
  6. As mentioned in a previous tutorial about quickly copying layers in Photoshop:
    ex: Photoshop How To Quickly Copy Layers
    Now you can just follow that tutorial and while holding the “ALT” key, or “OPTIONS” key on a Mac, click and drag the text with the “Move” tool and drag to the bottom part of the image to duplicate the layer. Once it is duplicated, just double click on the “T” on the Layer to edit the text, and change it to “DONUTS….”, and you are now complete.
    Photoshop Meme Font Imact

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