Update: Accident Reconstruction Calculator Version 2

Accident Reconstruction Calculator Feature

After years of contemplation and consideration, Accident Reconstruction Calculator Version 2 has commenced. Since Version 2 will target all devices, Android, Apple iOS, Windows Universal Apps, Kindle, and Google Chrome, the program had to be totally and completely rebuilt from the ground up. This includes all code and graphics, especially since I will be targeting high end devices, and all graphics will be made with resolutions of 1080P.

I have just started the build, UI, and some features. I have posted a couple of screen captures of the newer interface. Can’t wait for Version 2, then head over to Version 1.6.

Unfortunately, there is no time frame for the completion of Version 2 for public release, especially since the project has just commenced.

Accident Reconstruction Calculator 2Accident Reconstruction Calculator 2 Min Speed