How to obtain a user’s Facebook ID for legal process

Find Facebook User IDFacebook profile names change, monikers change, and other various notable Facebook markings which identify users change. Once thing that does not change with each Facebook account is they all have a unique Facebook ID. Even “Facebook Groups” and “Facebook Pages” have unique numeric ID numbers. This is very helpful and even required when submitting Subpoena Requests, Court Orders, or even Warrants, as Facebook needs a way to uniquely identify the account to return the content you are requesting. True, Facebook can provide subscriber account information by providing the Facebook user’s Username / Moniker or Email Address, but there have been many cases where prior to the service of a subpoena, court order, or warrant, the user can change and has changed their Moniker or Email address associated with the account. This can result in a user not found response from Facebook and leave you stumped. Since the Facebook user ID is a unique number created at the time of account creation and incremental since the time Facebook started, it does not change unless the user specifically closes the account and re-opens another account.

To find a Facebook user’s ID number, there are several ways depicted below.

1. Many users of Facebook choose not to have a username or a moniker, so the Facebook ID will be right in the URL.


2. If the Facebook user has a username or moniker in the URL like below, while you are logged into Facebook, simply click on the user’s Profile Picture. When Profile picture is displayed, look in the URL in your browser and the Facebook ID number will be the third set (last set) of numbers, separated by periods.


3. There are many third party websites where you copy & paste the Facebook user’s URL into a textbox, and hit submit. The third party website will then automatically get the user’s Facebook ID using Facebook’s graph oAuth, and display it for you. The URL’s to some of the third party websites which can easily get a user’s Facebook ID are listed below.


  1. Copy the user’s Facebook URL while viewing their profile.
  2. Paste the user’s Facebook URL into the FindMyFBID app. Hit Find.
  3. Success message. This is the user’s ID which can be used in your legal process.

Facebook User ID Websites



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