Accident Reconstruction Calculator 2 – Android / iOS / Windows

That’s right, you are seeing right. We are currently developing a Version 2 for our popular Accident Reconstruction Calculator app, which was only released on the Android System over five years ago. One of the most major requests is are we going to release it on the iPhone or iPad? Well, we were limited by the Android Operating System as it is open source, publicly available, and not restricted by an organization going through software review and more. Also, Android is free to develop. When it comes to Apple, the source code is slightly different based on Objective C, more restrictive, and costs money to debug, test, and publish on the Apple App store.

Instead of releasing a more updated version for Android, we have decided to rework the Accident Reconstruction Calculator from the ground up, taking in consideration for the multiple operating systems of users devices, and to implement more formulas and features for Traffic Crash Reconstructionist. Due to this, there will not be anymore updates to the Traffic Crash Reconstruction Calculator 1.x on the google Play Store. There will also only be limited support for version 1.x as since there will not be anymore updates, we cannot support bugs which might occur as a results of operating system updates and new mobile device releases.

Since this is a total reworking of code and using a new framework, we have had to start from the floor up, and totally re-write the code for this software including it’s user interface, which should be more sleek and intuitive, and have a reduced impact on the devices resources.

So what should you look forward to? We are aiming for the following features:

  • Available on all devices including Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle, and Windows.
  • Export functionality to export reports to popular formats including Text and CSV formats.
  • Addition of Distance Formulas, Crush Formulas, and more.
  • View vector graphs as it relates to Momentum Formulas and Calculations.
  • Scene Drawing Tools using GPS Tagging including notes and much more.
  • Case notes including Vehicles, Scene Management, Environment and more.
  • Ability to Save and Load multiple formula results.

This is just a few of the features which we are targeting for.  The only draw back is since the entire project is being refactored and re-coded from the ground up, the release date could very well be over a year from now, if not two. We do apologize for this but hope in the end, the wait will be worth it. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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