Screen Capturing Tools: Windows Snipping Tool

Where do I begin on his topic. This topic is one of the most important topics for law enforcement, which is the ability to capture the screen as you see it, when viewing evidence, whether it be on social media, or other website you are viewing. Most importantly, it is crucial that all evidence captured on … Continue reading “Screen Capturing Tools: Windows Snipping Tool”

How to Save Space in Windows 10

Although not Law Enforcement related, I realized due to the fact my agency assigned laptop has a Solid State SSD Hard Drive, the size of the drive is small to save money for the agency. That being said, I am constantly fighting for space on the Windows installation. I have listed some common techniques to … Continue reading “How to Save Space in Windows 10”

Mobile Recording Apps for Police Officers – Call Recorder ACR, Easy Voice Recorder

This blog post is about recording apps for mobile devices, specifically for Android mobile devices. You might say why Android and not Apple iPhones? Simply, most government agencies utilize Android devices due to the affordability, and the ability to install apps which tracks the phones, and monitors messaging. This is just a simple fact and … Continue reading “Mobile Recording Apps for Police Officers – Call Recorder ACR, Easy Voice Recorder”

10 Photoshop Tips & Tricks

I have been using Photoshop since the early 1990’s, when they finally released Photoshop for Windows PC’s, as it was only available for Macintosh prior to then. Through the course of time, I have learned some neat, quick, and necessary shortcuts, tools, tips and tricks in using Photoshop. I am going to address 10 of … Continue reading “10 Photoshop Tips & Tricks”

Windows Media Player Global Hot Keys Plugin

So I just discovered this jewel out. So I currently work in Criminal Investigations and frequently transcribe / review video / audio where I am interrogating suspects, or interviewing victims and witnesses. I am very specific when typing my police reports using the recorded audio / video recordings as a guide when I type my … Continue reading “Windows Media Player Global Hot Keys Plugin”

File Encryption for Law Enforcement Officers Email – (7-Zip, BCArchive)

In one of my previous posts, File Encryption for Law Enforcement Officers – VeraCrypt, I went over on how to create an encrypted container on portable thumb drives and other external media, to protect your sensitive data. But what about sending emails which contains sensitive files, documents, images, movies, etc…. This could apply to sending … Continue reading “File Encryption for Law Enforcement Officers Email – (7-Zip, BCArchive)”

Password Security & Strength | LastPass

IT department across the world have always pointed to the number one weakness of a computer network or infrastructure. It is and will always be the end user. And the number one weakness with users in an organization is weak and poor password choices. I can already guess you as the reader, one what ever … Continue reading “Password Security & Strength | LastPass”